Driving Test Advice










1. Think positively. As soon as you get up in the morning, tell yourself that you are going to get through the day calmly.


2. Make sure you eat a good breakfast. Even though you may be nervous and have lost your appetite eating breakfast is very important. Research has shown that your brain needs food to concentrate, so give yourself some food for thought!

3. Dress comfortably Make yourself feel good.

4. Arrive in plenty of time You should be present in the test centre at least ten minutes before the appointed time of your test. If you are late the test will be cancelled, and the fee will be forfeited.

5. Just before the test Relax by taking a few slow deep breaths. Clench and then relax your muscles to relieve tension.

6. Remember that some nervousness is normal and that it can improve your performance.

7. Listen carefully to the examiner’s instructions Act on them in good time, and ask for them to be repeated if necessary.

8. Give the examiner a beautifully smooooth drive, one that both of you can enjoy.
The examiner just wants to see what you would normally do – nothing that you do not already know.

9. If you make a decision that you think could be misjudged by the examiner, explain your reasons while you drive.

10. If you come across a new situation Hold back and assess it carefully before you decide to proceed – and be prepared to change your decision if necessary.