Mr said Uddin from Kentish Town 14/06/2018

Hey People, I want to thank the man, Dell, He’s the man ! Lovely person lovely company and teaches you great knowledge for your test! Helped me out a lot and just gotta thank him for showing me the ropes 👍🏾 Today I passes with only 1 minor fault.

Mr Sam Ustun from Finsbury Park 22/05/2018

Dells been an amazing driving instructor, his always been calm with me even when there's times where I get frustrated always been patient and made me a better driver each lesson, I don't even see him as a teacher any more his actually become my annoying driving buddy lol but yeah it's been good dell I'll see you soon mate passed 1st time

Miss Daisha Lewis from Holloway 22/05/15

If your looking for a driving instructor that has knowledge then Dell is the instructor for you. Be assured that he has a lot of experience which back ups his knowledge, being with Dell you are in safe hands. I felt that he always pushed in the most professional/friendliest way, which in turn made me a better driver. Never a dull moment with this guy! His experience & knowledge gave me confidence in him which in turn gave me confidence in my driving. I’ve already told my friends and family that if they want an honest, professional, friendly driving instructor that will make you a confident/safe driver then Dell is the one to go for. Honest, valuable & humble learning from this man, what more else could you ask for?

Miss Meltem Ustun from Holloway 21/05/2018

To begin with, Thank you Dell for being the best instructor that you are. Dell has been the most amazing teacher over the course of my lessons. He is understanding, patient and always looking out for the best interest of his students. His determination has pushed me to perform to the best of my ability throughout my lessons and in my examination which is why i have been fortunate to pass on my first go with 4 minors with the help of him. Dell has a very friendly approach and was always ready to give his honest opinion in order to improve and better my driving. He helped me build my confidence whilst driving and always believed in me. I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor than him. I am gutted to say bye as I always enjoyed looking forward to his lessons as well as his sense of humour. However i am extremely grateful to be taught by someone like him.

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