Miski Mokta From Kentish Town 05/10/2010

Passed P Plate I started driving lessons with Dell in May 2010, Dells technique of teaching how to drive is really good. He’s very calm and optimistic with a positive attitude. Dell would always give constructive criticism, he also taught me to be such a comfortable and confident driver. Dell always had time for me even though he had many customers, and I would class him as a friend more than a teacher. I passed my driving exam in October 2010 with only 4 minors on my first attempt. I recommend Dell 100% and have already done so with friends and family. I wish Dell the best of luck with all his affairs in life because driving has made my life a lot easier. Thank you Dell, Miska Moktar.

Alfa Khatun from Holloway 16/08/2010

Passed P Plate Dell is a fantastic driving instructor. He’s teaching techniques are very unique and at first I was petrified about driving but Dell made me comfortable with driving. I enjoyed every step and he encouraged me a lot and it worked wonders. I passed my practical first time round with only 2 minors. All thanks to Dell and his patience.  I will highly recommend Dell Driving School to anyone. He is a very good Driving instructor and he will work out a lesson plan to suit your capability and needs. I am most grateful to Dell in helping me to achieve one of my goals

Sapphire Mccoy from Camden Town 11/08/2010

Passed P Plate My partner found Dell after a number of failed attempts at driving lessons via other instructors, by this time I had been driving for over a year and still had not passed my test. However upon starting lessons with Dell I found him to be very passionate about each student, helpful and tailored each lesson to each person’s individual needs. Which I found to be skilful and insightful of him, he is very conscious of preparing each student for all manner of motoring situations but far greater than that making you a safer and responsive driver for the rest of your life. I passed my test on the second attempt with Dell as I found it difficult to get out of the bad habits that former instructors had taught me, however when Dell reinstalled my confidence I passed on the second attempt, I know this testimonial may seem like a bit of an essay but I’m very grateful to Dell for the passion he shows even through frustrating moments, what’s more I am even able to call him till this day with difficulties that I have with my own vehicle if my partner is at work or away on business. Thanks Dell!

Katy Anderson from Tufnell Park 27/07/2010

Katy AndersonI first started learning to drive when I was 17. Over the years I had 6 instructors (including my mum) and always found it stressful and scary. I had failed 3 tests before a friend recommended Dell to me. He was by far the best teacher I'd had, he gave me loads of confidence and made me really enjoy driving. I passed after 4 months of lessons with him with just a few minors. I would definitely recommend Dell to anyone and everyone!

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