Benedetta Mariani from Tufnell Park 17/06//2014

I previously did 12h of lessons with other drivers and started lessons with Dell at the end of April with an exam booked for the middle of June. Dell has a wide experience and knowledge in this area that he really is the best instructor out there. He’s funny but also serious when needed. During the two months, he always put me in different scenarios to see how I reacted to different road situations. He made me feel so very safe and comfortable, and because of him my confidence with a car and road situations increased even more.
He will always explain your mistakes in order for you to learn from there, and he’s always honest if you did something wrong. There were the good lessons and the bad ones (where I failed lots of mock tests), but it’s because of the failed mock tests that i’ve realised my mistakes and learned from them.
Because of it I managed to pass first time.
I honestly wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Dell, and I highly recommend him to anyone else.
Thank you SO much Dell.
p.s Whatever!! ;)