David Benham from Islington 06/02/2013

David BenhamI heard about Dell through a friend of a friend. I was hesitant at first to begin driving but I’m really glad I chose Dell as my instructor. Dells technique of teaching is unique, he makes you learn for yourself, naturally rather than forced or through the ‘text book’ approach. This, I now realize, was invaluable to ensure that today, I passed my test FIRST TIME with 0 MINOR results! Being a slight stress-head or worrier like some of us, I REALLY didn’t expect to pass the test with what felt like, such ease. Being the all-round gent and god that he is, Dell really is someone you can rely on. He has the patience, enthusiasm and guidance ALL learners need to be safe-conscious for life. I don’t say things like this lightly, this man genuinely deserves the praises he gets. I assure you that NO regrets will be made when choosing Dells Driving School. Thanks a million Dell, I’ll be seeing you on the Pass Plus scheme and look forward to it! All the best, David