Davida W-Vanderpuije from Camden Town 11/07/2013

Davida W-VanderpuijeAs Driving Instructors go, Dell is simply the best. When I came to him, I was a complete beginner, of the never-before-moved-a-car-in-my-life camp. I immediately warmed to him, his careful instructions mixed with banter and fun, so that lessons always ended up being enjoyable. I very much like how Dell is versatile as a teacher, adapting his style to suit every individual in such a way as to make the driving experience a very personal one. He is a gifted teacher who goes all out to ensure that you are equipped, not only for your driving test, but for a lifetime of safe driving. After a year of taking lessons with him, I passed my driving test on the first attempt, and no one could have been prouder of me than the man himself.

Oh, and another thing. Dell moonlights as a storyteller, motivational speaker and agony uncle. So really, taking lessons with him is the newest form of therapy. What’s not to like? I recommend him wholeheartedly 🙂