Hiba Hussein from South Camden 17/08/2012

Passed P Plate After experiencing lessons with other instructors from renowned companies like AA and RED, I felt I was never progressing and I was just wasting so much money! When I was introduced to Dell by my cousins who both passed on their first time with less than 4 minors I decided to try out some lessons. Dells teaching style is amazing! He isn’t like other instructors who keep you from progressing for financial gain, but he is extremely honest and tells you to book your test as soon as your ready, in fact Dell found me a cancellation over a month before my booked test date; unlike other instructors who probably would have carried on giving me lessons. From the very first lesson I benefited immensely, he builds up your confidence by taking you on a variety of roads and constantly giving you exam style tests which prepares you for the practical, I was so used to having tests with Dell that I was extremely confident on the test day and I passed first time with 4 minors! Dell has built up his reputation in the many years he has been teaching and I always say the best instructors are the ones who have worked hard to build up their reputation by word of mouth, I definitely recommend Dell to all type of driver learners!