Manpreet Matharu from Southall 31/05/2013

Manpreet MatharuInitially learning from a different instructor, driving seemed extremely complicated and confusing. Switching to Dell made it easier to understand and I actually saw the immediate progression in my driving for myself. He made an effort to understand my way of thinking in order to figure out why I would do certain things, and then used a variety of methods to identify ways in which I could correct my errors and become a better driver. His friendly and easy going nature helped to calm my nerves and the fact that he recognised my improvements and made a point of my progression helped me to gain confidence in driving. Dell always remained positive and would reinforce this optimism by reassuring me that I could handle all the obstacles that would come in my way and the complexities that revolved around driving. I would highly recommend Dell to anyone as patience and understanding are essential attributes of a driving instructor and Dell will certainly put in all his effort to understand you as a learner and help you to achieve. Thank you so much 🙂