Sapphire Mccoy from Camden Town 11/08/2010

Passed P Plate My partner found Dell after a number of failed attempts at driving lessons via other instructors, by this time I had been driving for over a year and still had not passed my test. However upon starting lessons with Dell I found him to be very passionate about each student, helpful and tailored each lesson to each person’s individual needs. Which I found to be skilful and insightful of him, he is very conscious of preparing each student for all manner of motoring situations but far greater than that making you a safer and responsive driver for the rest of your life. I passed my test on the second attempt with Dell as I found it difficult to get out of the bad habits that former instructors had taught me, however when Dell reinstalled my confidence I passed on the second attempt, I know this testimonial may seem like a bit of an essay but I’m very grateful to Dell for the passion he shows even through frustrating moments, what’s more I am even able to call him till this day with difficulties that I have with my own vehicle if my partner is at work or away on business. Thanks Dell!